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7 years ago

WordPress Code Snippet 2.0

Do you run a tutorial site? Or maybe you just want to post up a piece of code that you felt was a lifesaver? Now you can post multiple snippets of code anywhere in your page’s or post’s content.

8 years ago

Feed Subscriber Stats 3

Feed Subscriber Stats was originally developed to simply display the number of RSS feed subscribers on your WordPress Dashboard.

8 years ago

Form Helper Class

Make your life a little bit easier with the help of an HTML form helper class.

9 years ago

Motivational Lyrics of Wisdom

With the state of the economy, the job market, etc. It’s easy nowadays to get bummed out.

9 years ago

Twitter Follower Contest = FAIL!

I’ve made it a point to try something new for at least a month. This past few weeks, I’ve decided to run a Twitter contest to increase my follower count.

9 years ago

Follow Me on Twitter, Win $25 Amazon Gift Card!

You read correctly, I am giving away a $25 Amazon gift card to one new follower.

9 years ago

Five WordPress Security Tips

Your website is one of your biggest assets. If your site’s security gets breached, you’re easily up a ship without a paddle.

9 years ago

Feed Subscriber Stats 2.2

Ever wanted to see your FeedBurner stats on the Wordpress Dashboard? Well now you can with this simple plugin.

9 years ago

Rounded Corners: The Easy Way

Easily transform blog comments, spice up a layout or just look cool by doing it.

9 years ago

How to Copy Content Into WordPress From Word

It isn’t unusual for me to get a request to fix a Wordpress site that doesn’t show some posts in Internet Explorer.

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