WordPress Plugins

3 years ago

Validated: W3C Valid HTML WordPress Plugin

There was a point in my life as a web developer that pushed for strict HTML coding standards.  It would peeve me to death to know that a popular website did not pass W3C coding standards.  So six years ago, I released a plugin called “Validated” which would check every page and post URL on […]

4 years ago

WP Plugin Needs Love: WordPress Code Snippet

Five years ago I created a monster and that monster’s name was “WordPress Code Snippet” (notice the improper spelling of WordPress).  I was indeed a very naive plugin developer when I created it.  Looking at the code today since my last revision four years ago makes me cringe and make me feel bad for the […]

7 years ago

WordPress Code Snippet 2.0

Do you run a tutorial site? Or maybe you just want to post up a piece of code that you felt was a lifesaver? Now you can post multiple snippets of code anywhere in your page’s or post’s content.

8 years ago

Feed Subscriber Stats 3

Feed Subscriber Stats was originally developed to simply display the number of RSS feed subscribers on your WordPress Dashboard.

9 years ago

Feed Subscriber Stats 2.2

Ever wanted to see your FeedBurner stats on the Wordpress Dashboard? Well now you can with this simple plugin.

9 years ago

WordPress Plugin: Disable Flash Uploader

Upgrade your Flash to version 10? Can’t use the Flash Uploader anymore or perhaps just hate it? “Disable Flash Uploader” will set the Browser Uploader as the default.

9 years ago

WordPress Plugin: No Update

Got a version of a plugin that you want to stick with? Don’t want to upgrade? Want to kill that upgrade nag on the plugins page? “No Update” is for you.

9 years ago

WordPress Plugin: Past Warning

This plugin was developed after a suggestion from Darren Rowse of ProBlogger after he accidentally scheduled a post to be published for last year.

9 years ago

WordPress Plugin: WordPress Code Snippet

VERSION 2.0 NOW AVAILABLE! == Description == This plugin will allow you to add code snippets to your pages/posts. This is great for code tutorial sites. == Installation == 1. Download the plugin, extract and upload it to your plugins folder on your server. 2. Activate the plugin. 3. Add or Edit a page. 4. […]

9 years ago

Sneak Peek: WordPress Code Snippet

Soon you will be able to easily add code snippets to your pages/posts. TURN THIS: INTO THIS:

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