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3 years ago

Looking Back at 2014

Last year didn’t seem so far away. I was in my twenties, my daughter was in kindergarten, and I was working from home as an independent contractor on project that involved converting a PSD to a responsive Bootstrap WordPress theme. Now I’m in my thirties, my daughter is a first-grader, and I’m still working from […]

4 years ago

“We’ve always done it this way.”

Grace Hopper was the oldest serving member of the United States Navy, but she was also a computer programmer. Her main point of the quote above is that humans are allergic to change and that it is important to discover different ways of getting things done. The Fear of Change I’ve worked with companies that […]

4 years ago

Resolutions For 2014

As I was developing the new theme for this blog, I came to the shocking realization that my last post was over a year ago and the one prior to that was four years ago!  Clearly, I have been really neglecting this blog and unfortunately, some of my plugins in the WordPress plugin directory.   […]

9 years ago

Motivational Lyrics of Wisdom

With the state of the economy, the job market, etc. It’s easy nowadays to get bummed out.

9 years ago

Twitter Follower Contest = FAIL!

I’ve made it a point to try something new for at least a month. This past few weeks, I’ve decided to run a Twitter contest to increase my follower count.

9 years ago

Follow Me on Twitter, Win $25 Amazon Gift Card!

You read correctly, I am giving away a $25 Amazon gift card to one new follower.

9 years ago

Offshore Outsourcing Won’t Leave Me Alone!

It’s not unusual for me to get between one and two calls PER WEEK from some offshore company wanting me to outsource work to them.

9 years ago

The $500 off Web Design Discount

Get web design work and help support a good cause tonight.

9 years ago

Twitter, WordPress and W3C Validation

Hi All, Its been a while since I’ve posted something worthwhile here.  Just recently I’ve been turned on to Twitter.  If you haven’t tried it out, it’s well worth it.  Thanks Lindy… In other news, this website now ranks in at #3 for the term “Allan Collins” in Google. Finally, I’d like the world to […]

9 years ago

Hurricane Addison – The Other Natural Disaster

I walked through the door one Thursday night only to find that my house was a complete mess. After accessing the situation and finding that none of my valuables were missing, I found my exhausted wife half asleep on our couch. I began to walk towards her and ended up stepping over what seemed like […]

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