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6 years ago

WordPress Plugin: WordPress Code Snippet

VERSION 2.0 NOW AVAILABLE! == Description == This plugin will allow you to add code snippets to your pages/posts. This is great for code tutorial sites. == Installation == 1. Download the plugin, extract and upload it to your plugins folder on your server. 2. Activate the plugin. 3. Add or Edit a page. 4. […]

6 years ago

Sneak Peek: WordPress Code Snippet

Soon you will be able to easily add code snippets to your pages/posts. TURN THIS: INTO THIS:<?php // Print preview text echo "Hello everyone, this is a preview of what the WordPress Code Snippet plugin can do."; ?>

6 years ago

WordPress Plugin Suggestions Wanted!

Got an idea for a Wordpress plugin that will make life easier for everyone?

6 years ago

How’d They Get Here? Top Keywords from 2008

I always find it interesting on how visitors make it to my websites via long tail keywords. Here’s a list of some of the keywords that they used:

6 years ago

Twitter, WordPress and W3C Validation

Hi All, Its been a while since I’ve posted something worthwhile here.  Just recently I’ve been turned on to Twitter.  If you haven’t tried it out, it’s well worth it.  Thanks Lindy… In other news, this website now ranks in at #3 for the term “Allan Collins” in Google. Finally, I’d like the world to […]