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9 years ago

Alternative to WordPress is_home()

Need a better way to check if the current page is the homepage?

9 years ago

Offshore Outsourcing Won’t Leave Me Alone!

It’s not unusual for me to get between one and two calls PER WEEK from some offshore company wanting me to outsource work to them.

9 years ago

The $500 off Web Design Discount

Get web design work and help support a good cause tonight.

9 years ago

How to Create Buttons From Links

Want to reinvent the button with a text link? Check out this tutorial that utilizes jQuery.

9 years ago

Forgotten or Unused CSS Generated By WordPress

When inserting an image into a post, you can set the alignment and even add a caption. Unfortunately, when you view the page/post preview, it looks nothing like it does in the WYSIWYG editor.

9 years ago

WordPress Plugin: Disable Flash Uploader

Upgrade your Flash to version 10? Can’t use the Flash Uploader anymore or perhaps just hate it? “Disable Flash Uploader” will set the Browser Uploader as the default.

9 years ago

Southwest Airlines Fail in Usability!

Thinking about taking a vacation? Well so am I. After viewing a commercial for some cheap vacation packages from Southwest Airlines, I decided out of curiosity to check out their website.

9 years ago

WordPress Reset : Reset The Site URL

Oh no! You’ve accidentally changed your Wordpress site URL in the admin settings! What are you going to do?

9 years ago

WordPress Plugin: No Update

Got a version of a plugin that you want to stick with? Don’t want to upgrade? Want to kill that upgrade nag on the plugins page? “No Update” is for you.

9 years ago

Handy Firefox Add-Ons

Every web developer needs good tools. Thankfully, there are some extensions to Firefox that make life a bit easier.

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