Web Design

8 years ago

Five WordPress Security Tips

Your website is one of your biggest assets. If your site’s security gets breached, you’re easily up a ship without a paddle.

9 years ago

Rounded Corners: The Easy Way

Easily transform blog comments, spice up a layout or just look cool by doing it.

9 years ago

How to Copy Content Into WordPress From Word

It isn’t unusual for me to get a request to fix a Wordpress site that doesn’t show some posts in Internet Explorer.

9 years ago

How to Create Buttons From Links

Want to reinvent the button with a text link? Check out this tutorial that utilizes jQuery.

9 years ago

Forgotten or Unused CSS Generated By WordPress

When inserting an image into a post, you can set the alignment and even add a caption. Unfortunately, when you view the page/post preview, it looks nothing like it does in the WYSIWYG editor.

9 years ago

Southwest Airlines Fail in Usability!

Thinking about taking a vacation? Well so am I. After viewing a commercial for some cheap vacation packages from Southwest Airlines, I decided out of curiosity to check out their website.

9 years ago

WordPress Reset : Reset The Site URL

Oh no! You’ve accidentally changed your Wordpress site URL in the admin settings! What are you going to do?

9 years ago

Handy Firefox Add-Ons

Every web developer needs good tools. Thankfully, there are some extensions to Firefox that make life a bit easier.

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